The Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority has been managed by a regional authority as an enterprise fund since 1994 with the overarching goal of financial and environmental sustainability. The DWSWA is guided by a Solid Waste Management Plan that was created and evolves with significant input from Authority staff and citizens of Whitfield County and the four cities within the County.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

With the goal of financial and environmental sustainability in mind, the Authority diverts as much waste as possible for beneficial reuse prior to disposal. The Authority operates collection, processing and marketing programs and facilities for residential, commercial, and industrial waste. In a community as industrialized as Whitfield County, focusing on all three of these sectors is critical to comprehensively address solid waste in a sustainable way. The Authority has partnered with local businesses as well as member municipalities to accomplish these goals.

Mission Statement

“To provide a public service that protects human health and the environment for the citizens of Dalton-Whitfield County in a financially responsible manner.”

Overview of Services

The Dalton-Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (DWSWA) operates an integrated solid waste management system (ISWMS) that uses alternative management techniques for specific components of municipal solid waste (MSW). The DWSWA follows the solid waste management hierarchy established by the U.S. EPA and the State of Georgia and includes:

  • at-the-source collection programs for industrial, commercial, and residential recyclables

  • four convenience centers for residential solid waste and recyclables

  • a mulching program for yard trimmings

  • a Materials Recovery Facility designed to the unique characteristics of the Authority’s waste

  • a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection facility

  • a public education program and training center (at the MRF)

  • an industrial waste monofill for baled carpet

  • a Subtitle-D landfill for MSW

  • six closed landfills

  • a landfill gas to energy program

  • a wetlands mitigation bank


The Dalton-Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority was established in January 1995 for non-profit and public purposes to benefit the people of Dalton-Whitfield County. The Authority was formed after a diligent study and review determined that there was a serious need for the formation of a solid waste authority to study, plan, manage, and provide financing for the solid waste management needs of Dalton-Whitfield County. The City of Dalton and Whitfield County each determined that it was in the best interests of their citizens to enter into the Authority as one.

The Authority offers four transfer stations throughout the county and one municipal solid waste landfill.  The Authority also established the first permanent publicly owned Household Hazardous Waste Facility in the State of Georgia in 1999.  The Authority completed the construction of a Materials Recovery Facility and began operation in January 2, 2002.  To find out more about all that the Authority offers, visit the different pages of the web site.

Authority Board Members

The current members of the Dalton-Whitfield Regional Solid Waste Management Authority are:

  • Chairman: Mr. Mike Babb – Representative at Large

  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Harold Brooker – Whitfield County Commissioner

  • Mrs. Lynn Laughter – Chairman Whitfield County Board of Commissioners

  • Mr. Dennis Mock – Mayor, City of Dalton

  • Mr. Tyree Goodlett – City of Dalton Alderman

Population and Service Area 

Whitfield County and the City of Dalton are located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia; with Dalton being known as the “Carpet Capital of the World.”  What began as a cottage industry in the early 1900’s to tuft bedspreads, has been transformed into today’s modern carpet manufacturing industry.  Today, Dalton is unrivaled in its production of carpet.  Almost 90% of the functional carpet produced world-wide is made within a 25-mile radius of this northwest Georgia city.

The Authority was formed by the governments of Whitfield County and the City of Dalton in 1994 to manage solid waste, promote recycling and operate as an enterprise fund. The Authority serves a population of 93,379 (2006 and 2007 Census data) and the total area of the County is 290 square miles.  There are four incorporated cities in Whitfield County.  They are Cohutta, Dalton, Tunnel Hill and Varnell.  The cities of Cohutta and Varnell, whose populations are 610 and 1288 respectively, both provide weekly collection of bagged household garbage.  The City of Dalton, population 33,045, provides weekly collection of household garbage using 95 gallon totes and automated trucks.  They also collect yard waste and bulky waste on a weekly basis. Dalton has provided for the weekly collection of recyclables (curbside) since 1991.

All local governments participate in the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan for Whitfield County, administered by the Authority.  In addition to the local community the Authority accepts waste from local governments and businesses in nearby cities and counties.  This includes the cities of Ringgold, East Ridge, Calhoun and the counties of Walker, Catoosa, Gordon and Hamilton County, Tennessee.


Job openings, if any are available, are managed by and listed at the City of Dalton's human resource department page