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Recycling Ben and the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority invite you to Target Recycling by participating in the Target Recycling program. Since the Fall of 2008 Target Recycling has been serving Whitfield County schools and businesses providing a much needed collection outlet for recyclables.

It’s divided into three parts, Target Recycling at Work, Target Recycling at School, and Target Recycling at Home. Currently, Target Recycling is offered as a free service to qualifying organizations in Whitfield County.

To find out if you are a good fit for the program please call the Materials Recovery Facility: 706-278-5001 or e-mail Michael Foxx at

What can be recycled with Target Recycling?


Target Recycling has three different collection containers for specific recyclable materials: Mixed Paper, Cardboard Only, and Plastic/Aluminum. Items that are recyclable include Cardboard boxes, paperboard boxes, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, posters, copy paper, office paper, telephone books, books, fliers, file folders and other paper products. Also recyclable are Plastic bottles and jugs with the #1 or #2 recycling symbol, and aluminum beverage cans. Pictured is a Mixed Paper container. All of the 8 yard containers are green and yellow, and are the size of a large dumpster with a foot print of 6×6 feet.

Download and Print the Target Recycling mini posters to post at your facility.

 (PDF, 8.5 x 11 in. full color.)  Three versions are included, one for each type of container.  Available in English with Spanish subtitle. 


Who's that guy on the container?

Recycling Ben is the mascot for the Target Recycling program, and has also come to represent recycling in Whitfield County. You can learn more about him on the Mascot Recycling Ben page. 

Target Recycling at Work


Restaurants and retailers are perfect candidates for a Cardboard Recycling container. All the boxes you receive food and merchandise in can flattened or broken down to go in the Cardboard Only container from Target Recycling. Once a week, or as needed, the Target Recycling truck will come by and empty the container. Each time a container is picked up it is weighed and a record is kept of how much you are recycling. These reports, available upon request, are helpful to companies that are instituting a sustainability plan and even those looking for LEED certification.
Certain businesses may also eligible for a Mixed Paper and a Plastic/Aluminum container. Things to keep in mind when requesting one of these containers include the number of employees and amount of those materials collected during a one month period. Before you sign up with Target Recycling our staff will conduct a site visit and speak with you to determine whether or not your location will be a good match for the program.

Target Recycling at Work supports participating businesses with educational opportunities for staff free of charge including:

  • Tour of DWSWA facilities including the Recycling Center
  • Meet and greet with mascot Recycling Ben during special company events
  • Recycling Assessments to improve recycling rate
  • Workshops for Employees, Custodial Staff
  • Bilingual educational options (English / Spanish)

To help promote recycling in the workplace we recommend registering with Keep America Beautiful's Recycling at Work initiative.  Your company can take the pledge to increase recycling by 10% by 2015.  You'll find helpful tools and resources to improve recycling, by collecting the facts, and rewarding staff.

Target Recycling at School

Target Recycling at School is managed by the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority as a free service for schools in Whitfield County, Georgia providing recycling education and collection of recyclables. 

Target Recycling at School supports this program with educational opportunities for students and staff free of charge including:

  • Activity books, coloring sheets, etc. for students
  • Tour of DWSWA facilities including the Recycling Center
  • Meet and greet with mascot Recycling Ben for special events and assemblies
  • Recycling Assessments to improve recycling rate
  • Workshops for Teachers, Custodial Staff
  • E-mail Newsletter for teachers and staff (click here to sign-up)
  • Monthly Recycling Rate Reports for each school

Visit the Target Recycling at School page for more details about this program.

Target Recycling at Home

Target Recycling at Home is a recycling collection service for multi-family units such as apartment complexes that are typically not included in Curbside Recycling services. Recycling at a multi-family unit requires a serious commitment from the property manager and residents. To learn more about what it takes to begin a recycling program visit the Georgia Recycling Coalition’s website and download the Multi Family Recycling Program Toolkit.
Target Recycling at Home provides free educational opportunities and support for residents and property managers that includes:

  • Recycling Assessments to improve recycling rate
  • Workshops for residents, staff
  • Guidance in choosing recycling containers for residents
  • Tour of DWSWA facilities including the Recycling Center
  • Meet and greet with mascot Recycling Ben to promote the program

A Brief History of the Target Recycling Program

In November 2008, the Authority initiated a unique collection program for residential and commercial recyclables by partnering with businesses and schools throughout the County to host recycling sites for commercial recyclables and residential recyclables from employees and students and their families. This “Target Recycling” program was designed to increase the availability and convenience of recycling by targeting locations where large numbers of our community work, shop, go to school or play. “Target Recycling” locations include local government offices, businesses, industry, schools and recreational areas. The Authority purchased a front end loader truck and 215 containers for this program which accepts mixed paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs with the #1 or #2 recycling symbol and aluminum beverage cans. All the containers are placed or scheduled for delivery by years end. When full, these containers are collected by the Authority and hauled to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). There is no cost to the host facilities as long as the collection containers are filled at least once a month. The Authority documents the weight of the recyclables collected from each individual collection container and issues a regular report to the host facility. Within the first four months, nearly 80% of the containers have been placed throughout the County including all Dalton Public school and Whitfield County school facilities. This program has the potential to collect an additional 100 tons per month.