Want to bring your school group on a tour of the landfill and recycling center?  Or would you like our education team to go to your school or civic group?  Please fill out the Education Program Request Form below.  You can choose a Tour, School Visit, or Adult Workshop.   Please use this form for only one type of activity at a time.  If you want to schedule a tour and a class visit, fill out the form twice, one for each activity.

After you submit the form we will check our calendar and let you know if the date(s) you selected are available.  If you have questions about the tour please visit the Environmental Education page, or call the recycling center at 706-278-5001 or e-mail Amy Hartline at ahartline@dwswa.org

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Tours of the Recycling Center and Landfill are available for free for both school and adult groups. Please select the tour length below. If you select the 1.5 hour tour, be sure to choose an educational activity too.
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Our educational team can visit your school to take some environmental themed lessons on-site.
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Workshops are a minimum of 30 minutes long, and can be an hour long depending on your group's schedule.
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