2018 School Beautification Grant Project Summary Report Form

Introduction: Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful’s committee for Beautification and Community Greening once again congratulates the ten recipients of the third annual National Planting Day mini-grant. Schools from the Dalton/Whitfield area were invited to apply for funding to help implement a project related to beautification. Beautification grants ranged from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $250.

Winners were announced on September 21, 2018. Projects should take place in the fall and be completed no later than Monday, December 3, 2018. Project summaries and photos are due no later than Friday, December 21, 201. 

Below is a list of schools that were awarded a grant and the name of the their project.

1.    Coahulla Creek High School: Creating the Captivating Courtyard of Coahulla Creek

2.    New Hope Middle School: Georgia Native Plants Beautification Project

3.    Park Creek Elementary School: Berry Beautiful

4.    Morris Innovative High School: MIHS Pep Club Garden and Picnic Area

5.    Dalton Middle School: Team Trees


Project Summary Overview: Grantees will submit a short project summary that will include volunteer hours, actual costs, list of other organizations involved, evaluation of project meeting the goal/purpose intended, and before and after photos. Certificates of participation for students are available upon request - a list of student names must be sent in with the summary. For questions about or issues with the summary report call executive director Amy Hartline at 706-278-5001 or e-mail: ahartline@dwswa.org.

Project Summary Report Form:

Please fill out the following form to officially complete your project and mini-grant requirements. Information provided may be used in the press release showcasing project results in late December.  

Project Photos:

Project photos must be e-mailed separately.  Please submit your project photos by email to: hellorecyclingben@gmail.com.  At a minimum we want to see a before and after photo of the site that was beautified. Additional photos of students working on the project, or a group photo are also encouraged. 

Project Summary Report:

Contact Person's Name: *
Contact Person's Name:
In your opinion, did your project meet the goal/purpose intended? If so why? If not, why not?
Did a student, volunteer, parent or staff member say something funny, interesting, or come to a positive realization during the project? Was there something good or unexpected that happened? Please share below:
Is your project posted on a social media site or website - either your classroom's page or a school page? If so, please include the link below. These links may be shared on the Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful Facebook page. Posts can be from any time period during the project.
Besides your school and Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful, what other organizations or business were involved in your project?
How many people, including students, staff, and volunteers, participated in this project?
How many hours total were dedicated to completing the project? Please include volunteer, student, and staff time.
Please include the total final cost of the project.
Certificates are on behalf of Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful and say "volunteer". These will include the name of your particular project and National Planting Day.
If you would like certificates of participation, please provide the list of names (first and last names) below:

Thank you for making our community greener and more beautiful place to live!