Recycling Guide For Convenience Centers in Whitfield County Released

Recycling at Convenience Centers in Whitfield County just got easier thanks to a new recycling guide released by the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority. The new guide called “How to Guide for Recycling at Convenience Centers in Whitfield County” is available for pickup at local Convenience Centers may be downloaded online at

The recycling guide is filled with interesting facts about recycling, shows what types of products are accepted for recycling in Whitfield County, and reminds everyone that they can make a difference when they recycle. It’s also part of an education campaign called “Stop treating us like garbage.” which is designed to remind the public that items in their household trash can be a resource. For example, newspaper when recycled is made into more newspaper, insulation, paperboard, and egg cartons.

Convenience Centers in Whitfield County include the Old Dixie Landfill, Westside, M.L. King Blvd., and McGaughey Chapel. Each one features a Recycling Drop-off Area for newspapers and magazines, cardboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles and jugs with the #1 or #2 recycling symbol, aluminum cans, bi-metal, and glass bottles and jars that are clear, brown, green or blue.

For more information about recycling in Whitfield County contact Liz Swafford, Recycling and Education Program Coordinator, e-mail: or call 706-278-5001.