2015 School Beautification Grant Winners Announced

(Dalton, GA, September 18, 2015) – Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural School Beautification Grants for Fall 2015. The committee for Beautification and Community Greening established mini-grants in celebration of National Planting Day, which began on September 12.

Public and private schools in the Dalton, GA and Whitfield County were invited to apply for funding to help implement a project related to planting native plants. Beautification grants ranged from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $250. Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful has made these grants available to improve the visual aspects of our community by supporting initiatives that beautify the environment.

This year seven local schools were awarded a cash grant. Below is a list of schools that were awarded a grant and the name of the their project.

1.)  Antioch Elementary – Pollinator Habitat and Classroom

2.)  Eastbrook Middle School – Mustang Magic: Making Plants Change Color

3.)  Dawnville Elementary – Dawnville Reading Garden

4.)  Brookwood Elementary – Color Spectrum Garden

5.)  Coahulla Creek High School – Colt Horeshoe Planter

6.)  Westside Elementary – Play in the Shade

7.)  Dalton High School – Amplify Your Assets

Projects will be completed by December 4 and each recipient will submit a project summary by December 15 to showcase their work. Visit Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful’s website www.KeepDaltonWhtifieldBeautiful.org or follow them on Facebook to get updates on the progress of these projects.  

National Planting Day is celebrated annually by Keep America Beautiful in the fall as an opportunity to encourage volunteers to plant native species restoring ecological balance to the environment while creating greener, more beautiful communities. Learn more about this event at www.kab.org.