Solid Waste Employees Place First In State Road-E-O

Award Presentation for Road E O 2012 State level_WEB.jpg

Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority staff members placed first in their division at the 2012 Landfill Equipment and Truck Road-E-O hosted by the Georgia Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America in June and qualified for the International SWANA Road-E- O. Thirty-four heavy equipment operators and drivers from across the state competed in Dublin, Georgia. Lead Equipment Operator, Eddie Ashe took 1st place in the Rubber-Tire Loader division and Driver, Jeremy Flood placed 1st in the Roll-Off truck division. Pictured during the award presentation are Denise Wood, DWSWA Chairwoman and City of Dalton Councilwoman, Eddie Ashe, Jeremy Flood, and Norman Barashick, Executive Director of the DWSWA. Both Ashe and Flood will go on to compete with 100 operators and drivers from across the US, at the SWANA International Road-E-O in Lexington, Kentucky in September.

Local Drivers Score at International Road-E-O

DALTON, GA – Four members of the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority staff participated in, and one took top honors, at the Solid Waste Association of North America’s International Road-E-O for landfill equipment and truck operators.  On September 3rd, solid waste professionals from all across North America arrived at the Southern Pine Ag & Expo Center in Dublin, GA to prove their skills in special obstacle courses, and test their knowledge with written tests.  Each participant had to prequalify at the state level Road-E-O before being invited to the international level.  Competition at the 2011 SWANA International Road-E-O was described as “intense” by the Road-E-O judges as 107 of the solid waste industry’s best drivers, mechanics, and operators competed for the best scores in the nation.

The competition was divided into two major categories highlighting specific types of equipment. The Equipment and Mechanic Competition showcases skills with the Dozer, ADT Articulated Dump Truck, Rubber Tired Loader, Compactor, and general Mechanics.  While the Truck Competition tested the Rear Loader, Front Loader, Side Loader, Roll-Off, and Tractor Trailer.  The top three finishers in each category took home trophies and bragging rights as the best-of-the-best in the business.  “Top Gun” awards were made to the top finishers in the truck and equipment competitions.

Local participants included Marlon Cole - Rubber Tired Loader, Eddie Ashe - Dozer, Chad Shook – Front Loader, and Jeremy Flood – Roll-Off.  Each first participated in the Georgia SWANA Road-E-O in May placing in the top two of their respective categories, while Ashe also placed first overall in the Equipment Competition.  At the International SWANA they participated in the same categories pitting their skills against drivers from as far away as the state of Oregon.  Front Loader driver, Chad Shook, had an excellent course time but did not place in the top three.  Roll-Off driver, Jeremy Flood, placed sixth overall with an impressive course time as well.  Road-E-O Dozer operator, Eddie Ashe, placed third overall receiving a trophy.  The competition in the dozer category was so close that the course time had to be used as a tiebreaker.  Rubber Tired Loader operator, Marlon Cole, also received a trophy after placing first overall with a perfect obstacle course score.  High scores on the obstacle course and written test earned him the title of “Top Gun” in the Equipment and Mechanic Competition.

Georgia and the 2011 SWANA International Road-E-O were rewarded with performances from the best-of-the-best drivers, mechanics and operators in the solid waste industry.  The Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority is proud to have some of the best in the country on board.